All-Inclusive Independent Analytical Testing

We offer a full line of in-house analytical testing services supporting multiple industries. Good for us, right? What separates a good lab from a great lab? It’s the ability to get the job done regardless of the test. We have taken the time to build meaningful partnerships and have negotiated the best prices with over 50 other labs around the world so, when our clients need a unique test, we have a partner for that. You deal with one lab which means one chain of custody form, one point of contact, one invoice with no headaches. That’s full-service the Silver State way.

Certified NV & CA Testing Labs

We are certified by the Nevada Division of Environmental Protection (NDEP), NV00930 (Las Vegas) and NV00015 (Reno). In addition, we are fully certified by California ELAP, CA-2885 (Las Vegas) and CA-2990 (Reno). Lastly we maintain a rare Clark County, NV Building Department soil chemistry test certificate. The takeaway? We’ve got you covered! And oh yeah, if you want certified SAME DAY soil testing…we can do that too!

Enviro-Tech Services Company

Our full line of quality environmental, geological, scientific and safety products from Enviro-Tech Services Company takes care of you in the field. Renting gear from us? Save time and money! How? Drop your equipment off with your samples at one location. That’s all-inclusive shopping the Silver State way.

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Industries Served

Industry Solutions for:
Environmental & Engineering Consulting Field Studies. Water Resources. Site Characterization. Compliance Monitoring. Materials Testing. Special Studies.
Site Remediation – Environmental Clean ups Site Investigations. Pilot testing. Compliance Monitoring. Close-out testing.
Municipal Water, Wastewater, Stormwater Source Water Quality. Safe Drinking Water Act Compliance. Discharge Permits. Industrial Discharge Programs. Clean Water Act. 24/7 Stormwater response. Lead testing. Process control. 3rd party verifications. Special projects.
Residential – Homeowners, Well Users Potable Water tests. Lead testing. Health Department tests. Homeowner/Escrow water testing packages.
Hospitality, Institutional, Resort, Commercial Recreational Parks, Lakes, Golf Courses-Facilities Potable Water Systems. Health and Safety. Legionella Testing. Infection control. Cooling Towers. Lake management. Algae control. Corrosion control. Forensics.
Food Processing, Bottlers, Packaging Incoming water quality. Sanitation. Microbiology testing. 3rd Party QA/QC. Shelf life and nutritional studies. Discharge and Waste permits.
Energy, Chemicals, Manufacturing Industries, Cooling Towers, Central Plants Incoming water quality. Process Control. 3rd Party QA/QC. Discharge and waste permits. Corrosion control. Health and Safety. Special Studies.
Mining and Minerals Environmental compliance. Water resources. Sulpher speciation and Acid-Base accounting. Process control. 3rd party verifications. Health and Safety. Special Studies.
Contractors – Infrastructure & General Building Tank and pipeline commissioning. Site Characterization. Compliance Monitoring. Materials Testing. Dewatering discharges. Stormwater Monitoring.

Testing Capabilities

Sample Type Testing Parameters
Drinking Water Coliform bacteria and advanced microbiology. Legionella by CDC Elite and rapid methods. General Mineral – General Physical parameters. Metals – primary and secondary IOC’s. Volatile, semivolatile and synthetic organics. Disinfection and Disinfection Byproducts. Total Organic Carbon – TOC. Nitrates, lead & copper, – other specifics. Radionuclides and specialties by partner labs.
Wastewater & Stormwater BOD, COD, solids, nitrates, phosphorus. Metals and all routine NPDES parameters. Oil & Grease. Industrial Discharges – phenols, cyanides. VOC’s, SVOC’s, herbicides, pesticides. Effluent Toxicity – Bioassays. Algae speciation.
Solid Waste Remediation Leaching by TCLP, MWMP, STLC. NDEP Profile 1, 2 and 3 testing. RCRA 7, 8 and 11 testing. Flashpoint – waste characterization. California CAM 17, PP13, TTO’s. Petroleum Hydrocarbons, VOC’s, SVOC’s, PCB’s. Specialties – please inquire.
Soils, Minerals, Materials Same-day routine soil chemistry. Sodium, Sulfates, Resistivity, Corrosion. Sulphur by Leco methods. ANP/AGP. Agronomy, soil fertility – gypsum suites. Concrete reactivity.
Air Summa Canisters, tedlar bags. VOC’s, petroleum hydrocarbons. TO-10A, TO-14A, TO-15, and others. IH media/cartridges, air pumps and testing.

Facilities & Equipment

Item Number
Certified Testing Laboratories 2 – Las Vegas & Reno.
Service Centers (Full Customer and Field Support) 4 – Las Vegas, Reno, Elko, Sacramento.
Dedicated Vehicles 6 – includes 4 wheel drive.
Summa Canister Inventories – Service Depot 1 – Sacramento (Nevada coming soon).
Enviro-Tech Rental Equipment and Field Supply Depots
- Pumps, tubing, bailers, controllers, composite samplers
- Air Monitoring Equipment (PID, methane, multi-gas)
- Groundwater - interface depth monitoring
- Field test instruments.
- Calibrations, detergents.
- Safety supplies – equipment.
- Well covers, caps, locks.
- Soil and water sampling equipment.
4 – Las Vegas, Reno, Elko, Sacramento.
General Chemistry Equipment
- Ion Chromatograph, Anions, Chrome-6, perchlorate
- Digestion and distillation equipment – Bucchi
- Auto-Titrator, manual titrators.
- COD reactors
- Electrochemistry
- Scales, drying ovens, muffle furnaces

4 - Dionex systems
Microbiology Laboratory Equipment
- BOD Incubators
- Coliform processing and incubators
- Legionella processing with RH and CO2 Incubator
- Specialized incubators, shelf life storage
- Autoclaves and sterilizers
- Microscopes

Metals Laboratory Equipment
- ICP-OES and Mass Spectrometry trace metals instruments
- Mercury Cold Vapor Atomic Adsorption units

Organics Laboratory Equipment
- VOC – SVOC Gas Chromatographs/Mass Spec.
-TPH analyses using FID and MS
- Extractors, digestions and Zero Head Space devices

Soil Laboratory - dedicated to quick turn soil chemistry
-Multiple seines
-Miller boxes
-Certified Resistivity Meters
2-Las Vegas, Reno.
Computer systems - LIMS 2017 Dell Servers.
New work stations and LIMS software. High speed wide area network to all facilities.
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